How safe searching filters work

The job of most search sites is to make it easy to find anything on the Internet, which includes content that is inappropriate and even dangerous. The good news is that some, like Google and Bing, offer safe searching modes that restrict the results returned, filtering out results the search sites considers inappropriate for children. While those safe searching modes can usually be turned on and off (or skipped using private browsing mode), devices on your KidsWifi can be locked into safe searching.

Note that the choice of which results are considered appropriate is made by the search site (e.g. Google or Bing) rather than KidsWifi. Most offer a way to report results you feel are inappropriate. If you're uncomfortable with a search site's results, you can block that search site and use a different site.

Controlling safe searching on your KidsWifi

Web search filtering is controlled in your Parents' Dashboard in the Filters section of Settings. You can control this setting for the whole KidsWifi network and also for individual devices.

These are your choices:

  1. Unfiltered – safe searching modes are not enforced and all search sites are allowed
  2. Safe Search Enforced – safe searching modes are enforced and sites that return unfiltered results are blocked
  3. Safe Search with Google blocked – safe searching modes are enforced, sites that return unfiltered results are blocked, and Google Search (which, even with Safe Search enabled, can return image results some consider inappropriate) is blocked
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