If you can't access the Internet when connected to your KidsWifi network, or if your Parents' Dashboard shows your KidsWifi is disconnected, you may need to reconnect your KidsWifi to your home Internet. You might even need to do this step when setting up your KidsWifi if the password you entered for your home Wi-Fi network was incorrect. 

Here's how to get back online:

  1. Make sure your KidsWifi has power. You should see lights lit up on the front.
  2. Use a device connected to your KidsWifi network (either a kids' device or by changing Wi-Fi networks on another device). If you have trouble connecting, see "If you can't connect..." below.
  3. When you connect, a KidsWifi screen may pop up. Otherwise, open go.kidswifi.net in your web browser.
  4. If you see "Connect your KidsWifi", select your home network and carefully enter your home network (not KidsWifi) password. After clicking Connect, KidsWifi will try that password. Repeat steps 2-3 to verify you're properly connected.
  5. If you see "KidsWifi is active" but can't access the Internet, check your Parents' Dashboard to see if your KidsWifi paused, either for the whole network or a specific device. Click Resume to un-pause that device.

If you can't connect to your KidsWifi network

If you don't see your KidsWifi network or you can't connect to it, try unplugging your KidsWifi and plugging it back in, then waiting a minute before trying to connect again. If you still have trouble connecting to your KidsWifi network and your KidsWifi has been offline for a while, manually upgrading to the latest version might fix your issue.

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